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Monday, February 18, 2013


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O'Hara shocks the world and wins it all.

I didn't see Bishop Neumann. Does anyone know if they "opted out" this year?

I think the games at Joe's on Thursday will be closer than anticipated. Good luck to all of these guys!

Been a long time since I commented here because high school basketball is just not that interesting to me. But I did want to get my prediction in here since you are all a bunch of sheep acting like Canisius is unstoppable. They will not win and Joe's will lose also. You heard it here first but not only will Timon win this year, but also the next 2.

And to McShea is God who continues to ask if I'm dead the answer is no. But you will be if you keep it up! I'm not afraid to hit a girl...or a nerd!

Pat when you do that thing, count me in. That guy has been spouting his arrogant bs for as long as I remember. And I think hes the one who blew me in, and cost me gov. of NY!

Interesting comments from Mr. Moran. Do you have another nephew on Timon that we should know about?

Great night for hs hoops! Other than buff state saturday, this probly best night of the year. Obviously I can't get to every game, so I really look forward to hs hoops talk from 10-11am sat morning on GR55. After they get through discussing girls hoops for 45 minutes, I expect a good quality discussion on boys games. Everybody tune in!

Not sure if they will have anything left for the machine but Timon deserves some long lost credit for beating Joes last night. Can we at least expect a game recap? Timon should get one day in the sun before Canisius spanks them!

Great win for Timon last night, not so great showing for St. Mary's. Guess there's a reason MMA is split into large and small schools. St. Mary's your season will continue, so pick your heads up and hopefully we will see you in Albany at the Federation. And since Patrick Moran appears to be alive, he must be given props on his call on Timon over Joe's. Afraid the run ends Wed night, however. Canisius is just too good this year, they remind me of Nichols Wil Regan's senior season. They are not quite that good, so i am installing them as a 21 pt favorite Wednesday. Canisius 73 Timon 51

2 straight years those Kenmore Ave Daisys get bounced early. The demise of SJCI is on and I don't see it getting any better. Joe's won't make final next year either.

Nice math Tarheel. You are wrong either way because no way Timon loses by 21 after reaching the final. I think they pull off the upset like a Tiger lying in wait!

Can't see Canisius losing to Timon and can't see them doing anything past Buffalo because they never do.

This is not your mother's Canisius team. These boys are a tam of destiny and will win states. Then maybe Husband will get the respect he deserves as the best coaches in this area.

States? I would be more worried about Wed. before calling your shot for states. Go Tigers!

For some reason once I stated my intention not post again someone has chosen to use my name. The last two posts made by "Gus Buster" were not written by me.

Just kidding, it's me. Alright enough of the games.

First of all Pat Moran would not call me a need after all the times we have hooked up. Second of all I hear someone came on and said I had a 'bad marriage' - well that's not very nice. But 2 woman being married 2 each other, well it has been tough on us. Society hasn't exactly accepted us.

I know there is a lot of jealousy out there with u guys. I've been 2 more big time games than most of u have watched on TV. But try and get past it boys! I am a strong woman and I am not going away!

Love that I just paid $2.71 for a drink and chips! HA! And no M & M's this year??? Move the games back 2 the NF Convention Center!

A strong women would not have to spend as much time reminding her male counterparts of all the big games she has been to. The perceived jealousy does not exist. The guys don't care. Sounds to me like you're fising for compliments, and that is unlady like.

Yale Cup. I have made Canisius a 21 point favorite in the MMA Final. Just like Vegas sets lines on every game out there. Now, by predicting Canisius wins 73-51, I am saying they will COVER the spread. My math is fine. Not being sensitive, just explaining how Vegas works for the uninformed. Having said that, you may be right, and Timon might upset Canisius, or at least keep it close

Yale Cup has left the building. Previous post by imposter. Content of that post should make it obvious

I'll take Timon tonight if your giving them 21 pt. unless you got a parlay to include the A games tonight .

Any news yet on Keith?

Keith and baby r fine!!!!!!!!!!

I have 2 give props - Buff State MUST read this blog. Out of NOWHERE yesterday HUGE PACKS of M & M's showed up!!! Outstanding.

Also we made fun of the program having 2 teams who never make it 2 Buff State being on last years cover have 2 give props - had the yearly 'game of the year' teams Falls and Jamestown on the cover.

I think Falls had their scare vs NT and wins easy vs Ken West. I am a bit worried about Clarence screwing up the game everyone wants...CC says 14 straight losses 2 Jamestown....they r due at some point...I mean they r only 4 more losses from being HALF WAY 2 what LaSalle did 2 NFHS back in the day!

Every 1 who comes up 2 me 2 nite and gets on me about my soon 2 b ex gets a free can of Mountain Dew!!!!

My Bad. I should have posted here
The game at Koessler center will be streaming
live tonite by WGRZ 's. Stu Boyer
ilovethegame hope you can catch it online

The news on Keith:

It's a boy, and a big one at that: 9 lbs & 22 inches.

Evan Parker McShea

Word is that Mom & Evan are doing great, and Keith is experiencing the roller coaster of emotions that rush in during the moments that follow the arrival of the first one. Awesome news & congratulations to the McShea family...all three of them!

great news, congradulations Keith!

Congrats to McShea family and I hope for Mom
the labor was not too long. Awesome job Mom ! I sure
hope it was a C section!

Congrats Keith, Mom, and little Evan! Awesome news, and I hope everyone is well. We expect cigars Saturday if you can make it, and we promise Roger will not shout across the Gym!! JCC will not be the same without you, but you enjoy the time with your family. May I suggest former stringer CC fill your shoes? He works for bacon, sausage pizza :)

It was a C-section and Keith says he will not be there on Saturday.

hey Congrats and may the Good Lord bless the new addition and what a great time it is in life!!i have 5 kids and i would be lost without them ~~may you all be happy,healthy and enjoy the great time having a new baby can bring as it will last a lifetime and send all my best to your family.i am really happy for you as you will have the luxury now of having little Evan to be such a proud father for...its magical,and nothing in life is better than bringing a child into your lives..i truely send my most sincere thought and prayers for all the great times that your life will have for yourself,Mom and little Evan.Im sad that i will miss you as my mom drove me to all my sons football and baskets ball games for the last 5 years so she was happy that i asked her to take me and my oldest son Kj who is 27 and my youngest Jakson who is 6..my little one is got OLEAN on the brain since i told him they were super good so i will probably only be able to stay for 2 games but Olean will be one...Hope i get to meet all of you(who care to meet me) and those who dont dont throw anything at me i cant eat!!!you have all been great folks and look forward to being some people....ill try to keep it short!!!LOL...take care and congrats again MIG...always helping when i needed it.

Alright congrats Keith but lets stick to the topic at hand. Canisius wins, game was closer then I expected. Heard there was a fight afterwards, and should have figured as I saw the 3 Buffalo cop cars flying by as I was driving down Main. What is next for the Crusaders?

They host Chaminade on Saturday. If they win, they play for a Catholic state title.

The last step is winning the Federation.

Any word on Chaminade CC? Also you see any upsets tonight at Buff St?

The 3 cop cars flying down the street were Timon alum who had to get back to their precinct following the game.

anytime that many people from south buffalo gather in 1 spot a fight is bound to occur

In the words of the GREAT Rasheed Wallace, "both teams played hard". Gus I owe you m&m's or mountain dew. Good pick by you, bad line by me. Although I should mention I NAILED the East- Cleve Hill line right at 5!! CC is a witness. Tough call tonite, Niagara- Rider, AA doubleheader at Buff ST, or spoken word presentation at spot coffee?? It will be a game time decision. Early lines Gus, double or nothing: Jtown-6, and Falls-9.

i love my dew but you guy got it all over on me at handicappin these games...i mean just because im handicapped dont mean i can get in on a free bottle of DEW!!!i'll wait to see who get it and will bring a few 24oz dews in case!!!

Gimme Clarence and Niag Falls.

Congratulations to the McShea's on the birth of thier son. Sounds like he is already 1/3 the size of MIG.

Now that CC has given me your IP address John and I know who u r lets just say your ''girl' friend will b 4 times the size of me and most other woman 4 sometime 2 come! And no - having S** with a girl twice the size of most woman does NOT count as a 3-some 'John' sorry :)

That ip address line is lame and is so full of bs. A.) CC would not give that info and jeopardize his blog B.) CC does not even receive that info. Ask anyone else on her that runs a blog. C.) As the Ravens called the 49ers , you are "fake tough"
You claim to go to all these games and be an expert and a pollster. When is the last time you commented about a game you were actually at.

Looks like you split gus. Guess Clarence didn't have enough in the tank, but Falls was able to cover by ONE! I'm gonna make Jtown an early 5 point favorite over the falls, as these 2 play for the third time in as many years. Think its gonna be a great game

The IP address claim is correct, no BSing there.

Holly: CC wouldn't have that info? He wouldn't jeopardize the blog?? Dude its a blog. Not the NY Times, Not CNN. It is a BLOG on the internet. The same internet that claims Megan Fox was once a man. And you and John Maclane gotta come up with better lines than the McShea baby stuff. Not great. Next time I'll throw you off that building.

How dare say it's just a blog? You write it so nonchalant, like it's Biz Markie singing just a friend.

In the words of Kanye West, "I blog so hard"...ah nevermind. I'm going gorillas.

my o my...what is with some of you...its a blog to talk about our own or someone elses kids and how good they are.its not a place to bash kids or act like an unsupervised child behind the screen at which some hide...i dont i was only using a user name while my sons team was still in it....if anyone wants to know my name ...just ask.im a grown man and at 49 years old i have just enough kids to put a team out on the court and dont know how good they would do but wouldnt have to forfiet for not enough players!!!...level off people and show alittle respect for the time and effort put in by CC to this blog....be a help...enjoy...have some good arguement but dont cry foul when someone gets the best of you...enjoy this venue or dont but show some respect to others as 99% of you do....enjoy and best regards...Ken,,

sorry MIG and others who post to me..i was kind of figuring out why i had to re-reg.or i would have made my post longer!!!J?K although it does carry some reality!!!i think all the guys that i have and show respect to know who you are and to get my repect just be fun and dont bash anyone for maybe not being as smart as some others are...i have no reason not to believe most things people write as im from way up North here and disabled so dont get up to see alot of games but try to pick CC brain or many of you others who kindly answer my questions no matter how simple they may be and never do and disrepecting of me for some things i may not know...but i do know that Darnell Carson is a 1st all league selection....and im the proud father of one of those selections as well.....which is a very big deal since he was the last one to make the 8th grade modified team.and i cant wait till i can say more about him as some may find very impressive at his achievments given the fact he first picked up a basketball in 8th grade...a great way to end a great H.S.athletic career with 1st team honors in football and basketball this year and all while carrying a mid 90% avg in academics his entire school carrer.there is much more to him that i cant wait to release

Speaking of the MMA. Sacred Heart wins their 4the consecutive MMA title defeating previously unbeaten O'Hara 53 -32. Cogratulations to the Sharks.

Fun night at JCC w Center Court and Tar Heel 23! Me and CC discussed IP addresses the entire way down! 3 ok games, MEC looked REALLY good. Silver Creek can still beat them. Should b a great game like last year.

And 'John McLane' sorry CC blocks IP addresses all the time. If u have any b**ls come up 2 me tomorrow at Buff State ill b sitting behind him. Ill b waiting punk!

Glad to hear you guy's had a good time at JCC, MIG. So you'll be the guy in the booster seat at Buff Sate tomorrow, correct?

The first half of Oracle Middle college was probly the most impressive combined effort I've seen this year. 2 excellent teams, and along with a VERY impressive Silver creek and Portville, I like our chances whoever heads to Rochester as our C rep next Sat. 5 good games today. I think at least 2 of them could b great. About 8-10 years ago everyone was trying to get out of Buf St to go eat and get back in time for the night games, when Seneca and Lackawanna kept us all there with a GREAT game that I think ended up going at least 2 ot's! I want to see a game like that today.

This is sickening. tuning into gr55 for what i thought would be talk about the greatest day in section 6 boys hs basketball, and so far they have promoted a local website, and are currently talking girls hs hoops. wow. you guys are clueless. Everybody should be listening to 1270 the fan. WGR55, you officialy SUCK!

are you kidding me!!! ok i turned to the FAN and it is coming out of California!!! You lead me to believe it was talking local this morning
Aside from Inside high school sports and Officially Yours on Weck I do not know of any other program talking local high school sports.
Earl Schunk is the best

1270 the fan is a national program. cbs sports radio. guess what people: there are other sports outside the buffalo area. expand your minds and listen to John feinstein, Scottie ferral, tiki barber and local sports guy bull from 103.3. I was just commenting on how much of a joke gr55's hs show is. And by the way female, you are wrong. Earl Schunk is second best. I was always a Joe cardinale guy. Miss you at I-prep Earl!

Solid win for the Crusaders, probably one of the best games they have played all year. McDonald was feeling it early, and Weir was dominant. The big three all had over 15 points. Hats off to Jemel Mosely who was also in double digits. Chaminade was a solid team but CHS was just too athletic. The pressure got to them.

sure there are other thinds outside buffalo...like sunshine in Florida and SoCal....other than that this is the big day in local high school hoops...if thats not what your into on championship Saturday @ Buff St.!!Actually i do listen to Tiki on chance when im flickin but for me...and i say for me its all at Buff St. today and CHS where im told Canisius won and will be heading for the state championship game congrats.to the people i met today it was a pleasure and an honor..because the 2 guys i was talking to got all my respect...and missed you Tarheal!!!!your looked like you were leaving when i was at CC after Olean game.and to all the other good people here if you saw a guy walking with a cane courtside after Oleans win...with my little boy and my blue team warm up i wear just as my son wears as he warms up...i wish i could have sayed longer but like to keep private those who wish to be...so CC and your friend who i shook hands with...your good a couple of good guys and i am glad you dont mind my posts at times as i will admit im really starting to realize there is more than just watching my kids play but of course they come first and nest year maybe i will tag a bit withh CC if he would have me!!cant wait to talk about games later!!!!i saw some things i would like to see if you all share.peace!

Sorry I missed you Game! I knew the Amherst game was gonna be a blowout, and I had places to be. And you are right about the sunshine in socal and fla- believe me I think about it all the time. If you keep posting I'll keep reading, and i'll keep posting. Congrats to Canisius, good luck to St. Mary's, and after the crossover games on tues night, I hope we rout Rochester next Saturday.

Sorry game, I should have posted that last one under tarheel23. My bad. Truth is I think gr55 is a joke, and I wish 1270 would have a local show to compete with it, using either McShea or MIG. You know what else is a joke? Falls losing to Jtown. Coach Drake has a nice team, and Tommy Campion should definitely be FIRST team all wny. That kid is one hell of a player, and he's been doing it for 4 years. Having said that, Niagara Falls made a HUGE mistake 12 years ago when they didn't give Coach Monti the Falls job, and they have been paying for it ever since. I welcome anyone out there to bash me, or tell me to let it go, but no, why should I? I've lived in Falls most of my life, and am a graduate of Lasalle Sr. HS. And yes, Pat Monti is my friend. Facts are Facts. Pat won 3 state titles and 10 0r 11 STRAIGHT sectional titles over that time, with half the school. Niagara Falls as a combined school in 13 years has ONE state title, and lets be honest, Radio from Maple Grove could have coached that team. 6 or 7 D1 players, including one at UCONN, 2 at Syracuse, and a 6 overall NBA Pick?? C'mon man. Niagara Falls can't pick developers, can't pick Mayors, and quite obviously can't pick basketball coaches.

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