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Monday, February 18, 2013


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- NFHS over Willimsvile North in the semi's.
- Jamestown over Clarence in the semi's.
- NFHS over Jamestown in the finals.

North upsets Falls - IF they don't look past Ken West - then beats Jamestown in the Finals. Taplin and Maceo lead the way.

I'm with StateChamps. As long as Sal listens to his assistants, particularly Carlos like he did in last years final, they have the talent to win the thing. Unfortunately they have to travel to Rochacha to face either WS or Fairport and their fate will b same as last year. Taplin and Campion will go crazy though, probly 30 pt games for both.

Frontier over west
Lockport over o.p
Lancaster over n.t
Ken west over n.w

Frontier, Lockport, NT, Ken West
Jamestown, Clarence, Niagara Falls, Will North
Jamestown, Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls (58-56 win)

Jelly! I thought Chris Christie devoured you. We haven't heard from you in eons. Watch out for the New Jersey governor!

Awesome job by Jelly Donut with all the picks, neatly laying out the winners, round by round. Great format. I'll leave mine in the morning. Everybody should get their picks in before the games start and then we'll figure out a scoring system. Brackets!

me as well and i to like the format...and it looks correct we will see!!

ilovethisgame -

If you can follow the format, you win. I think we could all agree on that much.

I don't think nf beats Lancaster.nt had more wins cuz they got to play alot lower competition.Lancaster played jamestown,north,clarence twice. Tough schedule

N.T thats supposed to be not n.f lol

i think so...it looks pretty good.

$100 bucks a game. (Kidding)
Jtown over Frontier
Clarence over Lockport
Falls over NT
Wil North over Ken West

Jtown over Clarence
Falls over Taplin

Niagara Falls 64 Jtown 63

Bonus: WS 72 NF 58

North has matchup problems with Ken West. Don't count OP out against lockport, in there last two games they had the lead going into the second quarter against Clarence and Jamestown.

CC your pre season prediction said Jamestown in AA and MEC in C1 u can't switch now!!!

I am going with:

AA-Jamestown over Will North
A1 - McKinley over Sweet Home
A2 - Amherst over O'Hara (this class is a joke)
B1 - Olean over East Aurora
B2 - East over CSAT
C1 - MEC over Oracle
C2 - Maple Grove over Silver Creek
D - Clymer over Brocton
MC - Canisius over Joe's in OVERTIME

Save these CC and c how I do!

niagara wheatfield over ken west

Here's a copy & paste of the preseason predictions I made in the season preview:

Manhattan Cup: Canisius

Class AA: Jamestown

Class A1: McKinley

Class A2: Amherst

Class B1: Olean

Class B2: East

Class C1: Middle College

Class C2: Silver Creek

Class D: Clymer

- McKinley, Olean, & Middle College will all advance to Glens Falls

- Olean will win the Class B State Championship

- Canisius will win the CHSAA Class A State Championship

- Section V "super power" Bishop Kearney will lose one of its games played against a WNY team this year (Falls, Canisius, St. Joe's, Timon)...or maybe Jamestown)

Lockport Over OP
Niagara Wheatfield over Ken-West
NT over Lancaster
Frontier over WSW

Lockport is the sleeper team in this division, very athletic and very young. Second round game vs Clarence will be excellent. Clarence may be the youngest team in the division. Both have height and athleticism plus some great 3 point shooters. I honestly believe both teams have a shot at taking down Jamestown.

To say the NFL is weaker than the ECIC is yes this year. To say NT has played a softer schedule is not entirely correct. They split with Lockport and Ken-West. Losing to Amherst, Oracle Charter, Cleveland Hill is an impressive non-league look (combined records: 50-4...yikes). Lancaster has not seen a zone or big court like NT has.

The NFL bigger courts vs the ECIC smaller courts. Interesting come sectional time. Interesting to see how it affects teams that A.) Like to Run or B.) full court trap.

The youth movement in AA is incredible this year...Jamestown starts 3 underclassmen, Clarence only graduates 2 seniors, 1 in the rotation. Lockport has 4 starting underclassmen, NT has 1 senior in their rotation amongst 4 sophomores, Ken-West has 3 underclassmen starters, OP plays 2 freshmen. Should make for an interesting playoff.

Can we finally take an indepth look at the power points system. Niagara Falls goes undefeated in league play, while Jamestown loses one and ends up the one seed.
(NFL combined teams record:(68-58)
ECIC1 combined record: (71-56)
So the argument about schedule strength is moot. It is hard to understand how an undefeated team ends up the 2 by a matter of hundredths of points. Look at the Falls who is in all favorable opinion the best public school team in WNY, they had 64 points. Would it make for a better system if basketball mirrored football and just played class games all season? AA plays AA, not ECIC plays ECIC and so on.

This is the best team the Falls has had since Sal took over. I think that it is their year and will make for a heck of a game vs a section v opponent.

Don't forget Lancasters youth.leading scorer is a sophmore,another sophmore whos been their 6th man.junior starting c,guard.very good jv players coming up. Also north has a very good jv comming up along with jack and there c,and whos that kid thats only a junior? I forget his name

N-W over KW?? KW has beaten them twice this year with scores of 67-40 and 60-42...those predictions are just ignorant.

If he's a part of n.w i cant blame him for having faith in his team.we all do right?


Fron, Lkpt, KW, NT
Falls, WN, JHS, Clar
Falls, JHS

all of lancaster's "good" players will transfer to st. mary's like they always do.

top 4 seeds will move on with Jamestown beating Falls in the final

Clarence Red Devils are better than you think. Keith saying that NF and JT played last 9-10 times in finals is incorrect. Clarence was in the finals 3 years ago vs JT and to be back again with a nice year is an accomplishment for their program. Centercourt made a great point giving the Red Devils kudos this year. Maybe not Falls or Canisius but they have done a nice job over there. Looking foward to their game with Lockport tomorrow. Also, Ken West will upset Will North. Campbell is too much.

Clarence stinks. Jamestown beats them by 10-15 points. Will North isn't losing until THEY play Jamestown in the Finals.

2011 - W North loses Quarters 2 McKinley
2012 - W North loses Semis 2 Falls
2013 - W North loses Finals 2 Jamestown
2014 - W North wins AA Title

Assuming Taplin doesn't go 2 Oak Hill Academy.

I do like North's chances as well. They played the Falls tight last year adn this could be their year. I heard One of the Konst twins is taking him with to Nichols next year

McShea is god - you must be Taplins dad!!! for real ! Or Coach Sweirski !

I'm getting sick of all these rumors about Taplin leaving North. I've heard Taplin to Canisius, Taplin to Oak Hill, Christ I've even heard he will forego his senior year and play over seas in Barcelona. All not true. I'm here to tell you Sterling Taplin will definitely finish his stellar Career at Wil North, then will sit back with his family and me as we decide where he will take his talents to Division1 program, and ultimately the NBA

Niagara Falls just got word today that guard Vinzell Watkins is out for the remainder of the season after fracturing a bone in his growth plate against Lew-Port.

Was it a finger growth plate?

I was under the impression that it was a leg or foot, but I'm really not sure. I just know he's done for the season and that he had been a very good player for Falls, I believe averaging around 13 ppg.

Wow. That is gonna be a bigger loss than people might think. I guess he didn't score in senior night win vs lockport, but he has been a key contributor for the falls all season. As CC says, 13pts a game tough to lose for ANY team come playoffs. Having said that, Falls 71 NT 59

the growth plate is located where the ankle os....tib and fib rest on or near it....my daughter fractured hers at beginning of cheerleading landing funny...had to have a scew put in and it was a one day surgery home same day as soon as she was not groggy...it can be very serious as it is how your bones grow together and childrens did an awesome job as she is a flyer for her brothers team.....wish him the best but he is done for the year as its nothing to mess with at that age.....all the best for god to heal him correctly to get back at it next year....

Wow I need 2 eat crow Will North goes down HORRIBLE loss, season was basically a waste. Looks like ill b at Niagara-Rider Thursday night!

Mcshea is god - i told you KW would beat North. Now what?

The difference between last year's and this year's Will North and Ken West games was that last year Taplin got help from his teammates. This year he scored all but 2 of North's points in the 4th quarter. If you tell me that Ken West got only 6 points from Campbell and won I would have said you are crazy. Alex Price and Terrell Ford were the men last night.

thats bullcrap......one man dont win big games i dont care if its your golden boy sterling or not end of story,end of north and end of player of the year...because the player of the year is still playin at the end of the year.go back and polish your crystal ball hoop Gods.

MIG, does Taplin finally transfer to Canisius....North won't be any better next year right?

How does a returning first team ALL WNY'er get bounced in sectionals before Buff State...on his homecourt?? One that isn't deserving of a spot on the first team this year. But once you make a team, your basically grandfathered in barring a transfer out of the area or injury. There are more players deserving of 1st team ALL-WNY than Taplin IMO.

Because basketball is a team game and one player does not make a team.

And who are the 5 players more deserving?

Exactly. But one player can make everyone around him better. Such as these guys who are no brainers for 1st team:

Weir - Canisius
Crumpton - NFHS
Eckstrom - Olean

Hell, I would even consider moving these guys up based on how well their post season goes:

Campion - J-Town
White (tremendously overshadowed by Weir) - Canisius
Bathurst - Olean
Williams - Silver Creek.

StateChamps2003, i must disagree with you on this statement "How does a returning first team ALL WNY'er get bounced in sectionals before Buff State...on his homecourt?? One that isn't deserving of a spot on the first team this year". Judging from your posts in the past you must have played at some level. A player cannot be judged by a single loss, each game has a different complexion. 5 positions, 1 player can't play them all at the same time and take responsiblity for them all at the same time. Bad losses have been suffered by all of us that have played. I am 17 years removed from college and there are 2 that still burn me up. I do think Taplin is a solid guard who is very hyped locally and will be hard pressed to adjust to college game if he chooses to stay at North and go to a power conference school. Last night takes nothing away from him; One game season now, anyone can have a better 32 minutes.

Niagara Falls struggled to defeat North Tonawanda last night.

Firt off 2 claim Taplin should not b on first team - u r clueless. He is the best player in the area - PERIOD. Does he deserve Player of the year now - NO WAY. I'll repeat what I said last month if CC would like 2 pull the post - I'll go w a white guy named Weir again.

Will North - ya wow season was a waste. Taplin can't transfer 2 MMA school they don't do senior transfers so I guess he will b back at North.

I would argue Falls season is a waste as well if they don't get 2 Glens for the FOURTH YEAR IN A ROW w the 'super school' - it's getting 2 b more and more of a joke. Canisius I would say there entire season is a waste as well if they don't get 2 Albany 2 at least PLAY in the Fed. Not saying they have 2 win the Fed. But not ONE Long Island Catholic has been ranked all year in the State. They get that game at home this year (after they beat Joe's in OT Wednesday). Then the top ranked NYC Catholic is Nazereth (where Jesus is from) who they already beat.

SO - yes Will North, wasted year - but Falls and Canisius could b headed 4 wasted years as well.

I will b skipping Thursday at Buff State. No desire 2 c Falls and Jamestown beat up on league teams 4 a third time this season. Will b fun 2 c that game again - always the game of the year on Saturday at Buff State.

Also if u include M Cup as a 'class' out of the top 4 seeded teams in the 9 classes 32 of 36 made the Final 4 pretty impressive.

I think two #3's lost (North and some 1 Barker beat) and two #4's (North Collins/Hamburg)

CC may have 2 double check that but 32 of 36 top 4 seeded teams advancing means they did a pretty good job with the seedings.

Yankees start today! Entire team on Social Security!

To say Taplin isn't a first teamed is ridiculous... And to say he doesn't make his teammates better is even more stupid. If you saw him play the entire season, and saw will north play the entire season you would understand. He is the best player in the area and one game shouldn't change that

Weir Co-POY

The only comment I could find of your regarding POY was this. Not surprising really:

McShea is God said:
Taplin - WOW!!! Player of the year race is OVER! Crumpton and Weir haven't played yet!!!
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Found this also:

Must say Player of the Year race should b fun next season Taplin, A Weir and Crumpton. I'd give Taplin the early edge. CC I will b biking 2 c u this week or next.
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OK, here's what you wanted me to find:

McShea is God said:
The Lockport Falls game was PAINFUL 2 watch. If Taplin scores 25 North beats Falls and plays Jamestown 4 the title. Adam Weir, Crumpton, Taplin 4 Player of the year. I am leaning toward another white dude named Weir unless Taplin can beat Falls in the AA semis.
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And considering your most recent prediction of Taplin leading North past Falls, I'd say you effectively predicted Taplin as POY.

Looks like the streak is over. Win some, lose some. Maybe you'll predict next season's POY correctly and embark upon a new streak.

Chad dont b so bitter u picked a 11 point blowout last night when the clear best game was 5 minutes away at North. I said Weir unless North beats Falls in semis. Talk about playing not sides of the fence u predicted 'Jamestown' 2 win AA in November and 'Falls' in February! Way 2 cover yourself!!!

The good and bad of the blogs, i really enjoy the blog because Chad gives great information about kids and teams that i never get to see. The bad part is guys that A. never played nor coached B. Don't work with kids. C. Don't know the difference between a professional athlete and a high school kid, have way to many opinions on here. I hope the kids and coaches that read the blog and are at practice everyday, and work in the summer realize you can't take anything personal from grown men who will not post thier real name after making deragatory comments about kids(GROW UP). Consider the Source. Sterling will recieve a free education through his basketball skills and has a great support group around him(parents and coaches) To tell kids they"wasted" thier season because they lost a basketball game means you dont understand what hs sports purpose is. If we lose Thur. this years team at NFHS has become the first boys hoops team in NF history to qualify for the State Academic Team Award carrying a team GPA of 90, the players have read to kindergarden classes, done clinics at local Elementary schools, been involved in the "NO Bullying" program in NF and on March 4 will present a check for $800 to Childrens Hospital which they raised. Tell them they "wasted thier season". Kinda pathetic to read some of the posts on here. Chad keep doing what you do, you keep a positive spin on stuff and I think the blog is great for the area. "Some" of you guys take your opinions to the NBA blog

^^amen^^ ...at the end of the day, their 15-18 year old kids. Lets be happy they are a part of something positive because Lord knows there are enough negative things out there they could be partaking in.

Yes, Taplin is one of the best 3 or so players in the area, but what he does best is pass and get his teammates open and easy looks. Last night, KW did a great job taking away Sterling's passing lanes and forced him to beat them scoring the ball. He struggled to find an offensive game until the fourth and KW had built up a big enough lead that they held North off. He should still make first team but KW simply played better team bball last night.

I expect a reasonably close game Thursday between Falls and KW...the injury def puts a hamper on Falls' scoring and if Campbell can stay on the floor unlike the last meeting, KW should be in the game.

Ya Sal if we could all only b as righteous as u. WHERE ON HERE have I ever ripped a kid? Answer-never. Ask 'Chad' your buddy what he thinks of coaches-grown men r open game. Makes the blog fun. Did Chad ever play basketball Sal? No. Work w kids? No. So according 2 YOU-what gives him the right 2 have this blog.

And it's great your kids raise money. I've helped raise over 1 Million 4 children's hospital in 1 of my jobs. Doesn't make me qualified 2 b a coach. Bottom line if Niagara Falls HS - the Carm Granto 'Super school' goes FOUR YEARS IN A ROW without getting 1 game out of its section - it's BAD. From a basketball point of view. Maybe don't go on a high school blog if u don't think 'grown men' should b commenting on teams and coaches Sal

Just to be accurate, I did play basketball. Was I good? No.

I've also worked at multiple schools, coached two sports, worked as an official, am the manager of a restaurant that employs approx. 25 people still in high school, and I'm the father of two. I believe I have worked with kids.

On a different note had a great time at Niagara Catholic fundraiser auction, great event that seemed a little short staffed lol

I think the Boys Club events really rock Sal. And CC since I have a kid and coach Little League and Amherst youth basketball I guess I have worked w kids 2. And CC last time we played basketball together clearly I was better.

Also again is it your November pick Jamestown or 10 week later pick Falls winning AA?

Also I agree w Sal all of us including Center Court, Hoopster, State Champs, TML and me r adult cowards 4 not using r real names!

MIG, you truly are completely delusional or are suffering from early onset alhzheimers for saying "WHERE ON HERE have I ever ripped a kid? Answer-never." You rip kid's all the time, and any regular reader or contibutor to this blog knows it to be true.

Stop embarrasing yourself by making comments like the one above, which can easily be refuted.

Anyone who is willing to go back and look at some of the posts you have made in recent years will see that your most consistent trait as a contributor is ripping kid's. Heck you even have a favorite school where you select the kid's from for your juvenille silliness.

As far as the wasted season comment is concerned, who was the season wasted for? I doubt the coaches and players think the season was wasted. They may look back with disappointment, but successes during the season are not forgotten because of playoff loss. So the only person who is likely to feel the season has been wasted would be.... Ummm, YOU!!!

The most certain and agreeable topic for people who read this blog is that NOBODY, except you of course, cares about your predictions for POY and 1st team All WNY, STOP BORING US!!!

Another technical foul! I can never figure out why someone has to rip someone because someone is perceived or is supposedly ripping someone else. Mind boggling!

Amen john! Habe you ever seen this guy at games? I have and one time I sat too close and had to listen to him the whole game. Never shut up the entire game and i don't even know if he paid attention to it. I have no idea how people tolerate him because he was far more annoying in person than the blog. But I agree with you John nobody reads this blog to hear what he has to say. they read it inspite of his comments.

Another technical! Don't read what he writes if you find it disagreeable and enough with the personal attacks. Ridiculous!!!

Really, Gus Buster, that's where you want to take this? Mini McShea(oops, my bad, that would be a personal attack) blasts Sal, then denies his past and because he is what he is(kinda like popeye) everone else should take the high road and let his comments pass. Now that's RIDICULOUS!!!

Back at you. Then don't read mine. Sounds like you have a personal relationship with him gus or else your late to the party. He tries to irritate at every turn and when he succeeds we should all turn away? I stand by my words and if you had to listen to hin like I did you would agree. Your right about 1 thing though I should have just moved!

You've earned your second T and a trip to the locker room. Good night.

Frank - I mean 'John' - first of all u r more than likely the cheapest human being on the face of the Earth. I had 2 chase u down 4 what 12 dollars u owed from me spanking u in fantasy football.

I do not rip kids! Go ahead - pull the post where I rip a kid! Doesn't happen! And if u sat next 2 me at games the only thing u would notice is I buy every1 M & M's!

Anyone can SAY anything....I could say 'u like 2 hook up with dogs and cats' it doesn't make it true. Pull the posts? Where do I rip kids? I may joke here and there about not going 2 class or being from another country but 4 their play on the court - never!

Being from Williamsville I did like Will North, like their coach, and was hoping they would make a run. They didn't - life goes on. Ask the kids if not making it 2 Buff State makes it a wasted season I am sure they will tell u it does.

Lasalle with half the school 1988-1996 goes 2 Glens 6 times in 9 years wins 3 State titles.

The 'Super School' NFHS 2001-2013 (If they don't go this year) ONE State title (a team with SIX D1 players) and 6 Glens trips in 13 years.

Granto and the 'boys' made 1 heck of a call!

That brings up another point. How does a team at ANY level of play lose 2 another 35 times in a row.

HOW? Think about that. The great NFHS played Lasalle and lost 2 them 35 times in a row. I don't think Canisius would beat O'Hara 35 times in a row.

If the 'Super School' had gone with Pat then now 2 Spo they would have 6-7 State titles instead of 1 and been to Glen 11 times in 13 years.

I still want 2 know if Center Court, John McLane, Hoopster, TML, Bulls Fan, Us your left, I Love this game, will all takes Sal's advice - because he's a real man - and use there REAL names. Why r all us 'grown men' acting like cowards as Sal says?

I hate to say it, but i agree with MIG on this one. I'm out. Not like hoopster, just for the season, but for good. Probably a good thing, because my comments have not always been positive, but i dont believe i have ever ripped a kid. I may have an anti timon or mma bias, but we are all entitled to our opinion. I will continue to read, but am done posting. Enjoy all. I will look forward to the commentary.

The View From Chad Andrews has no ring to it. I'm sticking with centercourt. I was surprised to see you use my real first name in an earlier comment after calling me in a panic last week when someone used your name.

Now I know you're giving me a hard time about a preseason prediction not matching a pick heading into sectionals, but people change their minds after actually watching a season unfold. You should know...

In Decemmber, you wrote:

McShea is God said:
It's a 2 man race Taplin or Crumpton. I can't have a white guy named 'Weir' win it 2 years in a row. But he will b on 1st team w 1 of the Olean kids so that leaves 1 first team spot left.
Reply | Edit | View | Dec 9, 2012 on Preview: 2012-2013 …

Then this in February:

Player of the year. I am leaning toward another white dude named Weir unless Taplin can beat Falls in the AA semis.
Reply | Edit | View | Feb 12, 2013 on 2013 Poll Ballots -

Talk about "Way to cover yourself"

We all await the Taplin/Crumpton POY announcement from you(except for sec6 who reads this inspite of you).

Gus - a good official pays attention and catches both the action and reaction. Call a double technical or be called biased. A no-call would have been best. Actually, The View doesn't even require a two-man crew. I got this.

YALE CUP; stay on the blog; the MMA is overly represented; we need some balance!


It's a good thing the season doesn't end today...

On a separate and far more serious note, I'm blaming myself for Yale Cup's sudden and unexpected departure from our comments section. It clearly goes back to his comments I recently reminded him of, regarding my over exposure of Silver Creek and lack of coverage for the other hundred-some schools in WNY back at the start of January. Obviously, he began second-guessing his hoop viewing choices, and realized that teams like Christ The King and Mount Vernon were happy to play in Class AA, to avoid the likes of a Silver Creek.

Realizing it’s never too late to change, he finds his way to the home of the Black Knights on Quarterfinal Friday. Miraculously, he is able to push through the swarm of media surrounding the school and apparently strong arm his way into the gymnasium without a ticket (these games are sold out months in advance).

Well the rest almost goes without saying, but I'll lay it out for you anyway, in an attempt to clear my conscience. Yale Cup bears witness to not only Chill Showtime, but also Chill Zedtime - a modified version of Chill Showtime, in which Zed Williams asserts his ridiculous natural athletic ability and takes over a game. Williams fills it up for 38 points (the current '13 postseason-high), while sources from within report he could have scored between 97-113 had he wanted to, depending on free throw shooting. Silver Creek amazes Yale Cup so much to the extent that he is left to wonder why I never pursued switching to "The From Silver Creek" and providing exclusive coverage for the greatest high school basketball team ever assembled.

Yale Cup if you're out there reading this, and you promised you would be, please know that I feel awful. Losing a valued member of the comments section is almost as bad as losing your chapstick in the car, except that you don't have to crouch under the car seat looking for the comments section guy. I may shut down the blog entirely. Your moniker will be "retired" until you go 45 on us and simply state "I'm back".

I am disappointed; why is rhere so limitless basketball talk. Forget about the personal BS.!

Bad spell check. Bottom line is; it would be great to get more basketball insight and less mud-slinging from all of the BLOGGERS.

Now there's a between the legs ankle breaking crossover down the lane in your face rim-rattling backboard jarring comment by fullcourt that goes in your face to all the recent comments on this threat! At least someone has some common sense.

MIG has never ripped a kid on this blog, but even if he has, so what? What the hell happened in society where you can't give a kid a little constructive criticism. By the way, sterling taplin is DEFINITELY a first teamer. We will see him at a d1 school in 2 years. And Sal: If Pat M., Dan B., or even Carlos were coaching your teams last couple years including this year, we would have seen far more successful NF teams. You are not a kid, so can you take this criticisim? If you get past KW, Drake is taking you out next Sat. And MIG and I never played hs bball, but we will meet you and CC on the court ANYTIME. Oh and hi John Maclane, I mean Frank R.

CC, once again the facts get in the way of your diatribe. Sounds to me that MIG had it down to 3 guys (Crumpton, Taplin, and Weir), AND he said he'd give the edge to weir. What are you guys not getting about that. I think Keith has VERY tough job deciding between Weir and Crumpton, which makes it even more tougher cause they r both going to Canisius on Full rides. Sterling will have his chance next year. By the way, there were no significant injuries this year to either team, so if you did in fact change your pick from Drake to Sal, thats kind of wrong. Hmmm...maybe thats why Sal had such kind words for you and your blog. He better spend less time on this blog and more time preparing for Ken West or they will be upset thurs at Buff State.

CC great job with everything this season. I can tell you first hand that it is greatly appreciated by the coaches and players (the ones who matter). I would love to not have to read about personal attacks and tough guys collecting their fantasy football money (any shock that these guys love their fantasy sports). I'm not going to give my name because I don't want to be dragged into this. A good rule of thumb would be this: show your wife what you are typing before you post it, if she makes fun of you and suddenly wants you sleeping on the couch, don't post.
Keep up the great work CC, looks like we will be seeing some great basketball at Buff State.

I think it's time for posters like MIG to move out of their parent's basement. Enough comments from the no talent wanna-be ballers who live their llives vicariously through local high school players. CC - wha are your thoughts on the A2 match ups on Tues?

Tarheel23 -

I response to "Sounds to me that MIG had it down to 3 guys (Crumpton, Taplin, and Weir), AND he said he'd give the edge to weir. What are you guys not getting about that"

Just having fun with that fact that a couple months earlier he called it a two-man race between Taplin & Crumpton --- much like he and you are having fun with me picking Jamestown in a preseason preview and then saying Falls in February. Re-read the "diatribe". And Sal's kind words for me are likely a direct result of me agreeing to lobby for Falls picking up a third game each season versus both Lew-Port and Kenmore East.

My thoughts on the A2 matchups on Tuesday? I'm most excited about the East/Clev Hill game before the pair of A2 games. Amherst/South Park is interesting, but if the Tigers can't handle the Sparks, they'll have no hope against the Macks. The other game, Iroquois/Lew-Port, is a...well...a chance for me to see those Lancers before the year is over. I think Lake Shore deserved a place at Buff State over LP, but the seedings are what they are. Maybe the Lancers will surprise - Kenmore West certainly did.

Yale cup don't leave. You are one of the more intelligent posters on this blog. More than MMA: funny how u rip MIG for his posts, but you go and re-read yours. Your personal attack had nothing to do with hs hoops. Get over yourself. Now on to hoops. CC i would be interested to see who you think would be the biggest favorite this week, and what game has the most potential for OT. And Sal you can have my name anytime you want. But for those with short memories, real names are what killed Keith's blog. Nice job Margaret Sullivan

I would respectfully suggest comments of the sort we've seen on this thread killed the prep talk blog. With that I too will retire to the yale cup bench.

The demise of the comments section at the Prep Talk blog can be directly attributed to its association with the political and news blogs. The BN's change in format had little to nothing to do with the Prep Talk blog. As Keith McShea pointed out at the time he announced the change, "I'm proud to say that while we've had hiccups here and there, the majority of commenting by Prep Talk Nation has been productive as we've tried to cultivate a responsible online high school sports community here".

Can Sal explain why he called a timeout with 2.8 seconds left in the THIRD QUARTER after Crumpton hit a 3? When I get out of my parents basement 2 attend NBA Finals, 10 NCAA Championship games, etc I have NEVER HEARD OR SEEN A COACH call a timeout with 2.8 seconds left in the THRID QUARTER? Sal?

It allowed NT 2 set up a nice play I hear (I wasn't there-this story was relayed 2 me) and get a wide open 3 that would have cut the lead to 3 points but went in and out.


CC maybe I have gone back n forth on Taplin and Weir a bit.

SO is it Jamestown or Falls? Please is it your early November pick or 10 week later pick Falls? U also picked Middle College 2 win C1 and Oracle 10 weeks later? Which is it? I am not sure maybe u picked Joe's and Canisius 2 win Manhattan Cup as well I will have 2 check?

Yale Cup go I won't miss u!

My job-get comments rolling. Once AGAIN - Mission accomplished (George W Bush)

The type of hiccups McShea referred to are what I see here on this thread and what was more prevalent elsewhere on the Buffalo News site. Either way these type of comments is what ruins blogs and why this will be the last time I will offer my 2 cents.

You people who are "supposedly" quitting posting remind me of those people who cancel their sports illustrated subscription because they feel the swimsuit issue is too racy, or has nothing to do with sports. SI doesn't need those readers, and this blog doesn't need posters like you. And, all due respect Gus Buster, as I stated earlier Margaret Sullivan killed that blog. Their might have been one mean post for every ten good ones, and when the mean ones popped up(ex: ripping players or coaches) everybody else shouted those morons down. And we can ultimately disagree what killed prep talk blog, which was at one point I believe the third most popular blog behind Bills and Sabres. Fact remains it is not what it used to be, and maybe you should ask the guy who created it how he feels about that.

You raise some great points and I think I reacted to quickly. Gus Buster is going nowhere. The more I think about it, it was MIG's negative comments about wasted seasons that got all of this started. I never would have canceled my SI subscription because the swimsuit edition was the only reason I had one in the first place.

i just always have fun and in reality get most of my info here....my name is Ken Sears i played at Newfane and in 79-80 won the B2 title and lost the crossover game to a team led by a kid they called "Sugar Ray Hall"....i have 5 kids one was an all league 1st team selection this year in football and they did ok in basketball and lost some close games that cost them...are they Olean....probably not...would i say to my son you have no chance to beat them(if they had the chance)definetly not but as a small school i would like to see a list of schools that has every single boys and girls varsity sports(every one) all carry a 90+ academic average in all 18 Varsity sports which i would say is a very good thing to hang your hat on.and shame on anyone who turned their heads when top ranked players were given a "no look" pass so they could play ball....the books come first....then the ball.how many other schools can claim that in any division and any league?the fact that they play some good ball is secondary and when its not,a severe dis service is been done to that student.and i cant say so i will not post but i thought i read a Syracuse bound player had to spend a year in prep school to rectify a problem that may have been over looked by the very people who should have been watching out for it.and i may be wrong and other reasons were at hand so i wont mention school or names to be fair to the good programs that we have all over this area.but my boy will graduate with mid 90's avg.and came along way from just making the 8th grade modified program to the good player and a better sportsman he evolved into...and after almost everyone of there games i tried to make it a point to tell the opposing players what a great job the did as well...because at the end of the day these kids are just like our own so i always treated them as i would hope others would talk about mine....for 90% or more basketball,football and all sports will end and it will be work,maybe a family of your own....pick up games at area gyms at night or maybe the YMCA league...but sooner or later if you love the game,they too will end up here posting and slingin mud(in a good and fun way) and leaving the old days behind.i love the bantor here the trading of opinions and when im wrong having someone straighten me up in a hurry....i think your all a good bunch of people and being totally disabled at 49 years old is a bummer...but if you see me at a game .i walk with a cane and usually you can see the discomfort in my face but watching the kids play always makes me smile as we must never forget they may not be your kids but they are kids of someone just like us and are passionate and and there kids biggest fan...so always remember talk about them as you would want them to talk about your and with 5 kids i am able to say i work with many kids...and everyone watch out for my 6 year old as he can already dribble and shoot!!!!....of course the hoop is spring loaded and one on each french door!regards to all and dont be afraid to say hello to the guy that says "ilovethisgame!!"

i know everyone is sayin my god not this guy again...i know post are long and maybe one or 2 read the whole thing but im not a bad guy and would do anything for anyone if i could...but in regaurds to Sterling Taplin!!!!the first time i saw him i will come clean and admit...this kid is going to be good,hes a good lookin kid,carried himself very good for an 8th grader at the top level~~~he has an NBA name~i can almost hear it now!but what did me in was he had his name embroidered into his sneakers!!!LOL,then my kids told me eastbay does it for a few extra bucks.So as you all know i look to you for info especially CC and MIG,TML and more.i stuck in my own home 90% of the time and these are my eyes to the games i cant see so thank you everyone for putting up with my long boring posts and for any that i may have mad mistakes on..if you knew me i think you would say im at least an ok guy!!thanks to all who put up with me and feel free to help me and keep me in the "KNOW" as ive learned alot by reading and had alot of fun with people joking on me at my expenceas i can take it as well as give it and have the highest regards for those who were good to me.i was a union carpenter and worked 7 days a week to provide for my family and when i fell 6 years ago(Feb 19 2007)its hard on mind body and soul as going from a working fool to disabled is a tough theing to get used to and i still havent so this was an outlet for me to interact with other on the 3 things i love kids/family/and sports..so I THANK YOU ALL FOR HAVING ME AND NOT BEATEN ME UP TO MUCH,take care.

The biggest favorite this week at Buff State has to be Olean. I can't think of another team that could lose in the semifinals and produce bigger shock waves.

The best chance for overtime might be either of the two B2 games.

The game I hope is the worst is Hutch-Tech/Sweet Home,because I'll be missing it for the Manhattan Cup Final.

i posted my name for the fella that said we hide behind our user names...when i registered i just made that up...im not hiding from anything what a silly thing to say...while others may i do not.."Alice Sweet"??most of this fun stuff poking at each other was for the random smatterings section...gee guys its just a place to talk hoops...and for me get a glimpse into many games i cant attend...after reading all these posts i must just be to nice a guy or dont get it when someone is putting you or someone else down...you know my name and i dont care a bit ...im honest i say what i think may be good talk and it may end up being just rambling and dumb...it doesnt make me a bad guy and i love kids and High School sports as much as anyone...so you all know me and if you see me..SAY HELLO....be glad to meet you i hold no grudges....lifes to short.i hope i didnt ever offend anyone and if i did "im sorry" it was not meant to be....look forward to reading and responding and if anyone can help me...please do...im always open for good info...god bless and ebjoy these playoffs...and like i said cant miss me with my cane and i forgot to mention im a good lookin chap!!!!LOL

CC I agree with you on Olean. In Fact they are already installed as an early 27 point favorite. There you go Coach Kinsey, some billboard material. Also agree, both B2 games could go down to last posession. I think both A1 games could be closer than you think, but Koessler center trumps buff state for food so by all means go there. Here's something you might check on: Niagara Gazette said this is first trip to buff state for LewPort, but I think Jim Walker had them there in the 90's?? I mean, maybe games weren't played at Buff state(which means we r talking semantics) but I am pretty sure he took a team to semis. I could check my program, but too lazy so maybe you could do it for me

Mig...you have my respect and i dont care how many times people switch their picks...things change and for the love of god people its just a blog if you cant take some ribbing or dont like someones ideas,thoughts or wishes then dont read them...if one feels the need to defend yourself in a blog...have at it..i dont care what anyone says about me...i support all kids activities and im all about making sure all kids enjoy time in the spot light.recently my boys team played Albion @their house and in the last few minutes of the games the Boy realized Albion had inserted a young kid with lets say possibly some special needs and it was actual our team that set the youg guy up for a chance of possibly a lifetime to score and make it competitive well he SCORED..the crowd errupted and as my sons team took the ball to the other end my boy had the ball stolen by this kid and he was able to go end to end and attempt several more shot without being obvious as the kid was really workin.now to me those are true sports heros and give sportmanship a real meaning.i will never forget that 1:59 seconds as long as i live because it shows how 2 teams can cast aside a meaningless win in the name of good sports and i commend the Albion players for working with our players to make it as realistic as possible for this young man.....so my hats off to Coaches Charlie Croff and Coach Eric Klumpp...now im hoping this story will shed a little light on the parts of sports that at times get over looked by folks more concered about who is better whos the best player,the best team,and so on.....take a moment from all of the intence talk about who all these elite people are and maybe talk about some equally important people who for one reason or another cannot attain these high standards that get tossed around like a loose ball with time running out.i hope this story will let you all realize how fortunate you have kids,coach kids.or know kids that are playing at these levels at this time of the season...stop and be thankful for it and maybe think about these other kids who rarely get to be on teams let alone garner any attention from the basketball community that these kids wish with all their heart they could be a part of.....maybe it would be a good idea for each team once they have a ticket to Buff St. to have one kid for each team where a jersey and sit out of harms way and for one day ne an honorary member of one of these many Buff St. teams.....its just something i thought of while explaining my original story.now im sure there are some people in this blog alone that could maybe have the powe or connections to bring my idea to fruitation.....and not to play but to wear a shirt/or warm up...anything to give a kid the thrill off a lifetime with little or no cost or distraction to the teams....and i would be willing to help or get people to sponser a kids to pay for his jersey or shirt...all schools have shirts with their name on them.....maybe think about it....so we know we haven't lost sight of the less fortunate.and im sure each school could find a child within their district...because the skills and strength of these teams must also have good kids with good grades.....after all good grades trumps everything and at this level we have it all...dood kids,grades and alot of heart...so maybe my idea can one day be a tradition...or maybe just a dream i wish would come true...give it some thought...as we have many great people and basketball minds her...."make it happen!!"plz

Game, great idea and maybe some people in power could put that in motion. Maybe a little late this year, but definitely a good idea for next year. For the nitpickers out there, I meant Coach KENSY, not Kinsey. Just heard Canisius rolled St. Mary's. Congrats to St. Mary's on being the B Catholic rep from our area. Love that system!! Finally, Christoff Waltz just won supporting actor for Django unchained, best movie of the year. I realize its not hoops talk, but its kind of hard to comment on a 90-25 game.

Lew-Port made it to the semis twice in the 90's. 1999 they lost to Seneca,and in 1997 they also lost to a Seneca team led by Syracuse and NBA bound Damone Brown.

Thanks LP. The Niagara Gazette is a JOKE. Whatever reporter wrote that article should be ashamed of themselves for not fact checking. But I guess when you're making minimum wage, there's not much incentive to do your job. Let's c if they print a retraction, if they even know what that is. That paper misses Nate

Clarence 63 JT 56.
KW 67 NF 64

Lew-Port won sec 6 championship in 1955 class A.Also won championship;S In the 70;s played East HS from Rochester in the first state tourney.Jim JOHNSTON was the center,he went on to star at W.F. IN the acc.He was drafted by Minn. in the NBA.

Timon 60 - St. Joe's 58. So much for a Canisius overtime win vs Joe's on Wednesday

Thanks Tarheel and yes it not for this season but with 32 teams thats 32 wishes granted to make a kid feel apart of something even if he cant play and let them know we care about them as much as a kid that drops 30ppg and i would gladly with all my free time do alot of the work from here~~~i know we have some people with good media connection that could help make my plan go,we can call it (HOOPSTARS WITH HEART)(if anyone needs a fact checker that takes alot of time on the computer i would be glad to help anyone because those are 2 things i gave computer,powerlink,& time!!),i means alot to me as i know im not in nearly the dire straits as many and my motto about myself being disabled...no matter who you are you need not look far to find someone much worse off than yourself~and to the rest of you kind folks that by chance read my long post,i live and take care of my little 6 year old boy and i have to have my oldest son live with me to help me and assist in case i were to fall,and lastly i reckon you can all tell when he is not here with me=long post,lonely and like to write and some of you are the only ones that reply...so thanks for putting up with them posts and it means alot when its all you got...thank you all,after all the dust settles wach night your a great group of people and again my name is Ken Sears and my Newfane team was the last to win a sectional championship 33years ago...my second oldest lost his chance to Lakawanna few years ago.

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