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Monday, December 20, 2010


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Centercourt, you never gave a review of the Jamestown game. I wanted to hear your opinion of the game and the atmosphere. I know you're going to say Jamestown got a lot of calls, but those refs definitely missed a lot of calls both ways. How much did Paige impress you, do you think he's worthy of 1st team all WNY.


Sorry about never posting anything on the Jamestown/South game. It was the third game I saw on Saturday and following a two-hour drive home, along with some family functions on Sunday, hoops went on the back burner.

Luckily, one of the JV games went to OT, so Fredonia and Bennett were still playing when I arrived. The experience there is very cool. It's a long way down to the court from where you first walk in, which makes it very unique.

After hitting up the concession stand, I took a few flights of stairs down and found myself at court level where the Red Raiders were gathered and waiting to take the court, doing the pregame dancing and chanting. I saw head coach Ben Drake, who I had never met before, so I introduced myself and asked if he got the link for this blog I had emailed him. I quickly got the impression that he wasn't interested in that exchange and moved on.

I thought the crowd surprisingly lacked energy except for the small student section. I could see that place being electric if a game of major consequence was being played there. It made me wish I had seen the Riverside playoff game from a couple of years ago. Definitely a gym I'm anxious to return to.

I thought the Red Raiders played great for three quarters and Will South didn't play particularly well all game. Jamestown has more depth and that was a factor. I like what Adam Cecchini brings off the bench and was surprised Chris Carlson wasn't a starter. I think highly of Carlson and did last year also. I really think he's a post player most teams would love to have.

How much did Jaysean Paige impress me? A ton. He is so athletic and his game is really well-rounded. He has improved quite a bit from his sophomore year. It's still very early, but it's hard to imagine a player with that much talent, leading that good of a team, not earning an All-WNY spot.

That desperation shot by O'Connell at the end of the game was incredible, even if it didn't go in. An exciting ending to a near come back. I left with no doubt that those two schools are just a notch below Falls and both are capable of beating them if the stars were aligned correctly.

Looking forward to making another trip down there some time. I looked for you when I was there, but it's tough when you don't know who you're looking for. Next time stop over and say hello. Let me now your thoughts on the game or on my assessment of things.

Great to hear you enjoyed the trip centercourt. Yeah I thought the crowd was a little quiet and the "event staff" a little small this year, which made for a somewhat "quiet" night in comparison to many past games at the Mac. Overall, I felt it was a great game between two of the best teams in WNY. That was the first time seeing Licatta play, and his ability to knock down shots was unbelievable. The kid is just a true athlete, and I hope his QB career pans out as much as our other local talent has at UB.

All I know is that Jaysean Paige is most likely the most talented basketball player to come out of Jamestown since Maceo Wofford. This kid is an all around talent who can not only throw down dunks like none other, but can also pull up and take a long range shot and nail it. I'm really looking forward to watching Paige hone his talents over the next two seasons, and lead Jamestown to greatness.

And next time I'll be sure to introduce myself, if I knew what you looked like...haha

Thought Paige was no where near some of the pre-season hype coming out of Jamestown last year. He had a good year as part of an excellent Jamestown team. This is a different year and he's a different player on a different team. Much too early to say with any certainty who will be a first-team selection. But I would say it's likely we'll see players from Jamestown, Will South, Canisius, Niagara Falls and Grover(Holland as a 3rd team selection in 2010, most likely of anyone in WNY to be on 1st team).

I agree with CC. Paige is a very strong candidate for an All-WNY spot, but to earn a first team nod he'll have to nudge teammate Butts to the side unless the Red Raiders claim a state championship imo. Looking forward to seeing the Raiders again this year as they are always among the cream of the crop.

It is way too early to talk All WNY... Impressive win for North last night too

NT's Montesanti brothers tossed from last night's game vs. Ken East.

I agree the All-WNY talk is premature.

When I say that I think Paige will earn an All-WNY "spot", I mean any spot on one of the first four teams. Things are too wide open this season to begin naming the top five players in December.

I agree on all counts. And I shoulda threw a few more teams out there, but since we all agree way too early. As an example Canisius fans were touting Blair Helton as not only a first team selection, but POTY of the year as well based on early to mid-season performances. Think he either ended up as a 2d or 3rd team member. Don't recall which. On the other hand there were some flying a little further under the radar that earned all-wny recognition. The way Keith does it however gives Chris Holland a leg up on everyone since he is the highest returning All-wny'er.

In the James vs NF game Butts struggled early with a number of turnovers when asked to handle the ball vs pressure, Paige looked more explosive and composed IMO.From that game Paige looked better and Jamestown was formitable in last three qtrs after falling behind early

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