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Friday, December 03, 2010


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C'mon CC where are the game reports from tonight. Understand Riverside downed Wilson 72-57 and Canisius squeaked by Ohio power Brunswick 48-45 with Brunswick missing the mark on a 3 pointer which would have sent the game to OT. Apparently Aaron Nevins, potential POY??, having a stellar game.

Yes Center Court almost 1am and no report up c'mon! Anyway I got a chance 2 hang at Wilson with CC 2nite and a great defensive game by Canisius. I was pushing Keith last year 4 Nevins 2 make 4th team and I truly think he has a good shot at WNY Player of the Year for 2011. I mean, granted there are no Paul Harris, J Flyn, or Will's this year. I get Holland will b up there but I think Nevins is the better player and with him the main guy this year he will shine. Riverside played a solid game and will b a force in Yale Cup.

Off 2 Cuse tomorrow 4 the NC State game. Hope everyone likes my new name.

Grover wins by about 5 over St. Mary's.

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