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Monday, November 22, 2010


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Was Hart a Sweet Home student through out middle school?? Bet not !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean Moore

Lonnie Taylor 6-4 Sophomore Small Forward is at Medina this year after moving back to his hometown from Buffalo. He played JV last year for East at the beginning of the year and moved up when they had ineligibility problems. He scored over 20 points multiple times on varstiy for East. Danny "Munjie" Brown a 6-3 Freshman G/F is also on varsity after averaging around 15 points on JV and having a great AAU season with the N-O League Buffalo Storm team, as is Brad Wilson 5-11 Sophomore Guard who averaged around 15 points on JV as well.

By the way, agreed on Tyler Martin. He's a very good shooter/ball handler and may allow Brennan Moxham to play off the ball at times this year and gives them another perimeter scoring threat.

Riverside will be in the mix I will get back on why

Hollywood! Glad 2 c u r alive! Hope 2 c u Monday. Now we just need Hoopster and TML1000 2 post and the gang will all b back together!

Earl and I were at the big CCA Tourney tonight to watch NC and CCA earn victories over Oracle and Park respectively. Joe Lowery, NFHS transfer, scored 30 for NC, while Jack Ranallo scored 40 for CCA. Championship game is at 7 p.m. Saturday.

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