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Wednesday, December 04, 2013


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You still think Fredonia will come out of that division with SC after this display?

I think with what Fredonia brings back, they deserve to be favored, however, the Black Knights are even better than I thought they'd be. If Silver Creek wins its division, it would be a major storyline and accomplishment.

Any idea when the BN is releasing their basketball preview? Figured it would be out by now.

I believe early/middle next week.

Great way 2 start season at Lancaster tonight 2 teams that may b in small school poll all year Nichols over Cleveland Hill. VERY GOOD PIZZA AND MOUNTAIN DEW CANS??? I was in heaven! The teams at Pastor 4 the most part were terrible, but tomorrow is a good lineup.

Brooks is very good and I don't believe the "cliches" apply to him, but please don't discount the so-called cliches as you call them of "well look at the competition-Class C or "what do you expect the kid is 6'8"". They aren't cliches but actual facts. I know you can't pick your competition (unless you play a non-league schedule of better teams) and the fact is that you can't fault someone for being taller then the competition. Although, the level of competitition and height DO make a difference! I seen a fair amount of big men who dominated in lower or even higher classes that can't cut it at the next level when everyone around them is bigger. Although, I agree with you that Brooks has a bright future.

Hey did you know that 4 of the Silver Creek starters were Lake Shore Central students over the past few years? Brooks, Kettle, White, and John. The same rules that apply to students living in say "Orchard Park" do not apply to these students. These guys can pick and chose what high school they want to attend.
Very interesting rules for students that live on the Reservation.

I was well aware that they were former Lake shore students at one point. Kettle, White, & Brooks all started for SC as sophomores, so they made that choice pretty early.

Andrew John attended SC last year, but was ineligible to play basketball. That's weird considering you are implying they don't comply with any rules.

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