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Wednesday, September 07, 2011


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I've known about this news for quite some time now, and had been hearing rumblings since early this spring. This is very disappointing news for the Jamestown basketball team, and I can't understand why he would transfer to a high school in rural Appalachia Kentucky. We all know Jamestown is not a major metropolis, but I can't imagine he will receive more exposure in rural Kentucky then in New York; especially after his POY of the status and run to the championship last season. I was suspecting Jaysean would of transferred to a prep school to improve his grades and exposure for college, not another public HS in a rural region. Whatever his decision may be, I wish him the best of luck and hope to see him gracing ESPN very soon.

St Joe's is looking for 1 Varsity Basketball game and 2 JV games.. If anyone knows of a team looking please have them email me at msimon@unyts.org..

JP's move smells like WVU in fall 2012

Man that SUCKS. Was really looking 4ward 2 watching some of his games. Class AA now WIDE open, good shot 4 Falls. Stan Weir now early favorite for 2012 WNY Player of the Year. Should b a great Class B final, Saturday March 3rd, E Aurora vs Olean!

Sounds pretty nutty to me. Mcshea says school started on auguats 3 in kentucky and he hasn't atteneded school yet. What kind of school let's you miss a month and let's you play still. I hope it works for Paige, but sounds like he ends up in junior college somewhere.

School also is open here I think the time to decide was last month not later this week.is he even going to high school this year.

Saw Paige at the Olean Gus Macker Aug. 20-21. Heard an account of Paige's sudden disappearance from Jamestown for a time during last season (remember the suspension?), in part because of the unsettled home life.

Word from a couple people was that Paige would have a tough time even coming close to meeting NCAA academic requirements as his high school eligibility (at least in NY) runs out.

Doesn't mean that there has to be a bad ending for the kid but, unfortunately, this is looking like the kind of story we've seen before.

Hope it works out for him — we should all be rooting for kids like Paige because they help raise the profile of WNY basketball as a whole. The shame of it, if he really does transfer, is that his efforts will be removed from WNY.

We need more success stories...

Looks like sal has some great young men playing in this weekend tour. At the falls good luck to three teams hope college coaches see something they like

should be fun this weekend hope to see you in the falls.

how did the three teams do in the can am pal games any kids get noticed or stand out for college scouts

PAL lost in semis, Rodney nevins team lost in qtrs. and VFI didnt win a game. I am sending tapes out for a couple of kids this week, it was a competitive weekend. tourney won by RAP. Between the 2 days i would say we had 20 d3 schoools, hope it helps some kids

I spoke briefly with Jamestown coach Ben Drake this morning. He said that Jaysean is no longer enrolled at Jamestown and then said he didn't want to comment further. Clearly, he's (understandably) frustrated.

Paige is gone from WNY for good. Sad, I was looking forward to seeing him play this year.

No surprise there. Don't lose heart you can always travel to coal country and the land of red necks to see Paige play. I feel sorry for Drake who did so much for Paige who has a poor way of showing his gratitude. Maybe Drake is better off without him.

maybe more big news in wny hoops,not paige related

That would be a welcome change! I look forward to it. Thx for some + news, hopefully!

I heard Reggie isn't enrolled at St. Joes.


I heard enrolled but has not attended school yet,but he will be there. why wouldn't he? already got scholly offers ,wouldnt make sense to leave.

reggie sighting at joes all is good

There's a rumor that Jaysean is back in Jamestown. Any truth to this?

thats really good news for wny hoops

Heard St. Bonnies head coach spent last evening at St. Joes watching Regggie Agbeko.

AA will be wide open this year, if Paige is gone and NFHS also losing a starter(ollison) to transfer. it will make for a intersting yr

Looks like a strong year for Timion and Canisius

who are the ecic-mm challenge match ups it has lost its lather lately

timon/st. jude vs. williamsville south
st. mary's vs. olean
canisius vs. kenmore west
st. joe's vs. sweet home
st. francis vs. iroquois
walsh vs. lackawanna

not sure about niagara catholic, o'hara or nichols

wow,olean/st marys best game and it doesnt matter who other 3 teams are playing, they wont be strong games

Ken West v Canisius could be a battle of Top 10 teams in WNY.

Who does marys have coming back? Olean should be one of wnys best teams

I think canisius will be in the top 5 this year and next some strong under classmen

you can same the same about nf and st joes and jamestown-every year

There r 2 many guests on this board. They should come up with a different name or be guest 1 2 3 4 75 34 or whatever

HS Hoops is almost here! I hope it gets the same coverage football is getting from the Buff News! WOW front page 4 a regular season game Sunday? Anyway games start in like 6 weeks should b fun. Sucks about Paige wanted 2 c them back in Glens. Also Carolina will b a MACHINE this year in College Basketball. Every starter back! Final 4 in New Orleans this year!

jamestown will still be best team in ecic, drake wont let that go. catholic league will be best and nfl could be fun with kw challenging

Jamestown may still be the best team in ECIC I, but that is only because the rest of the league is weak. Taplin has little else around him at North while Lancaster, Frontier and Clarence lost most of their talent. Falls and KW are by far the two deepest teams in AA. OP has McCormick but little else, Lockport is always a mixed bag...always have some talent but rarely see out the entire year with the same roster. Would be surprised if it is not a Falls/KW final.

Canisius/Kw should easily be the best game of that lineup...Olean should handle Mary's with ease, not sure what to expect from Sweet Home...have to think they will be improved, clearly not enough to trouble Joe's. KW is finally playing a few good non-leaguers...they could actually be well tested for sectionals.

Joe's schedule is out...they're playing McKinley, Riverside, East, South and likely Jamestown in the J-town tourney, CBA-cuse, BK and Aquinas in a home and home...as well as the Chinese team. Not a bad lineup.

Amendment to the Joe's schedule....They will not be in the J-Town tourney. Instead they will be playing a team from Dallas, Texas. The rest of the dates are solid.

Well, that's expected without Paige there...wouldn't be a close game.

tml you dont give drake enough credit, and joes lost their best perimeter player to lew port. but that is a quality schedule

I hope the buff. News has better coverage of games this year.they never seem to have correct information on points steals assists they have a few favorites and they only write about them hope they get the facts this year.

Ken West can't really play that many non-league games because they are locked into the tournament at Kenmore East as well as the Harvey Tournament at West. Rumor has it the Harvey Tournament will be a one day affair with Ken West playing Nichols.

Yea...they're playing Nichols, which is kind of disappointing...they'd have been much better served to have tried to schedule Joe's or a good city team.

I don't see Ken West playing St. Joe's anytime in the near future.

Great to see the chatter on the upcoming HS hoop season.
A team poised to suprise as a large school will be Timon in the MMA, they are talented and experienced and a typically tough group who will give Canisius and St. Joe's all they can handle.
Best of luck to all the former WNY High School hoopers who start practice at their respective colleges tomorrow, with emphasis on the freshman as they adjust to the challenge of the college game. Hope to hear that you all do well in the years to come.
Do any of you veteran hoop bloggers know where a list of local kids playing college ball can be accesed? It would be interesting to track their progress.

ken west playing nichols? that stinks they have a chance this year and they get nichols who is a glorified jv team

I know...they could have easily scheduled a team like Riverside or McKinley who would give them a test. They used to play Batavia every year for a while before the shortening of the schedule.

Habeeb is at Idaho where he should see some time, Webb is at North Dakota for his second season there after a very nice year last season...I think that's it for D-1 besides guys on the local rosters like Barnett. Secky is back at LeMoyne...hopefully he cracks the rotation, but he should see major minutes his junior season as they have two good senior guards this year. Rehbaum and Short are at Hobart...also plenty playing at the local D-II/III's. I'm sure I'm missing a few playing out of area.

coppola is at daemen with davis and some other locals. and is kw not in both the tournies harvey and xmas one in kenmore?

There is no more Harvey tourney.

Devon Dawson is Daemen's best player...Regan and Chandler Williams also play...and Nowak is on the team as well.


That is very true...some players you know will definitely be amongst the top 20, but very few locks for first team.

Other Locals that are under way:
Robby Seyler is JR @ D2 Walsh
AJ Roberts is JF @ NAIA D1 Union (Tenn)
Dyrell Dolson is SR @ D2 Urbana

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